Football League: Fulham Hit the Cardiff by four so Bristal City came second

Fulham v Cardiff

Fulham's Day A bad day for Cardiff City again they repeatedly defeated by Fulham on the home ground. This was only beneficial for others because Bistol City has seated on promotion. Checks ubdates about Football league. Fulham lead by two goals this was possible because of Tim Ream and Floyd Ayite who

Learn to deal with 5 types of close friends

close friends

Most Influencing types of close friends The life you are bestowed by God is short but colorful. These colors sometime appear very dim. But if you have good close friends then surprisingly they will lead your life to brighter side. Friends are like rain after arrival of which the sky of

Five Tips for startups to boost the online business

online business

What is recommended for success in startup online business? Just like any other new startup, I have faced some challenges that I want to share online so as people reading this blog may become aware of the hindrances faced as new entrants and get ready to tackle such problems with better

Predictions about the future


Predictions about the Future Everybody has profound interest in knowing what will happen in future.  It is the natural curiosity that keeps us seeking information about our future and if we find someone who can tell us mysterious things about future we are sure to take their predictions seriously. Many people

Predictions of Russian indigo child Boriska Kipriyanovich about Mars and Earth

Boriska Kipriyanovich

Predictions of Boriska Boriska Kipriyanovich first came into lime light in 2007 at the age of 11 when he began to have come from Mars before his birth on this planet. According to him, he used to live on Mars thousands of years ago and came to earth in his spacecraft

Latest Pakistani and Arabic Hijab Styles Step by Step 2017

Latest Pakistani and Arabic Hijab

               Latest Pakistani and Arabic Hijab Styles Step by Step 2017 Hijab is a piece of cloth worn on head.Hijab is mostly common in Muslim countries.Hijab is a head cover that Muslim women cover their head with to follow the teachings of Islam.Muslim women & Girls have adopted some fashion and trends in

how to change wordpress password via phpmyadmin

wordpress password

Change / Reset WordPress password using MySQL / PHPMyAdmin Learn how to recover lost or hacked WordPress password from PHPMyAdmin / MySQL. Wordpress is not so safe in terms of its security and there are instances when hackers may steal or change your password. Just imagine someone somehow manages to break into