Monthly Archives: January 2013

How to Blog

Welcome to my How to Blog – Blogging Tips for Beginners. On the page I will offer tips on how to blog and how you may earn money by blogging. On this page you will also find useful links to help you understand how to blog that can generate traffic for your site. What is a blog? Writing a blog …

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Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti Divorce

The news regarding Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti Divorce has spread around the world. Actress Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti (her husband, race car driver) have announced their decision for divorcing, according to the news published on Los Angeles Times. The couple has tweeted this decision on tweeter as well. The tweet of Judd was: “Family forever. @dariofranchitti.”. Soon after, …

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Create a Blog

Create a Blog Due to the popularity of blog writing which has helped so many people earn handsome money by blog writing, I have decided to offer some tips on how to create a blog. Creating a blog is not different from creating a website in some ways. However, in order to create a blog you just need to have …

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