Football League: Fulham Hit the Cardiff by four so Bristal City came second

Fulham’s Day

A bad day for Cardiff City again they repeatedly defeated by Fulham on the home ground. This was only beneficial for others because Bistol City has seated on promotion. Checks ubdates about Football league.

Fulham lead by two goals this was possible because of Tim Ream and Floyd Ayite who hit a combined shot of 25 yard Oh! Man that’s really brilliant actually stunning. Now that was time for Fulham with advantage of break restored their power. There was much time for Stefan Jogan to gird up his loin, which was time for attack. But Fulham sealed the victory. Derby County took over the Hull City for their second position, just the team of Gary Rowett remained level with 0-0.

Fulham Hit the Cardiff

On the other side Manchester United over the Jamie Paterson ended with blew away the team a curling finish on the second half. While Wolves are eight points ahead the Lee Johnson’s team. The team leader side moving a step behind the Millwall with 2-1 tills the kick off. Benefit of home side was taken by Gregory, the Wolves turned the table of goals. Match was very interesting but like always last decision go to one side and this time for Wolves, Leading them more and more ahead.

Boltan Changed his Manager

The new managers of Boltan Britt Asombalonga and Braithwaite was symbol of encourage for the team. This is observed that a good leader leads always in the right direction. And just all that was available for us we can clearly view the impact of both personalities on the team. There was another team except the Boltan who fired the managers before the event Christmas and the name are Sheffieldd Wednesday who started new beginning with Carvalhal with hit victory.

Some time a good player doesn’t prove that he is also a good leader. And some time he is unable to lead a team but when the side changes the stars of destiny also changed according to the time. All that things we can clearly see with this manager. When he changed the management and appeared with a new style and new side to lead he proved himself in that field. The man is not a bad manager but sometimes one had to prove hardly himself.

Adam Reach hit a powerful shot and sees here is the result what was the goal that was, Jordan Rhodes penalty and Lucas went to complete with 3-0.

Adam Reach hit a powerful shot

League One

This day passed with a big game to see very entertaining. Wigan Athletic proved themselves the best with remarkable victory over Shrewsbury Town. This was match of two leveled teams, who made the day for their team.

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