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No matter how many controversies Salman submerge himself in, his fandom never ceases to take a dip. There are so many fans who still take Salman for an inspiration when it comes to building a body and getting ripped.
No doubt Salman is one star among the league of stars his age who continues to rock a rather fit body. But to say that at 50 Salman has stopped ageing would be a claim too high to make. Over the past few years, age has started showing on Salman’s face and body rather clearly. From hair transplant and carrying around a paunch of a belly in front to admitting that now it is hard to remain in shape and that every part of his body hurts when he works out are indications that the man is catching up with his contemporaries (read Shah Rukh Khan) in the same age bracket when it comes to growing old. So is growing old a party? Well, looking at how Salman continues to sway with life, making bold statements along the way without stammering once, give away a lot about how high this star is on life. As for hurting sentiments of the masses, it has got nothing with growing old, because that this star has been doing since long.
So here are a few pictures that reveal how Salman Khan has aged over the years. Caution: Some of these pictures would not serve as eye candies to the fans.

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