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Most Influencing types of close friends

close friends

The life you are bestowed by God is short but colorful. These colors sometime appear very dim. But if you have good close friends then surprisingly they will lead your life to brighter side. Friends are like rain after arrival of which the sky of your life glows with rainbow.

I am not saying that all the friends you have are just gold. You know everyone in this universe is not same. Just like that all of your friends are not same. The company you choose to have demonstrates what you are and what is your attitude towards life. Different persons have different types of friendships. Some make friends for their betterment. They have no headache with person but with that what he could do for your good. Just like that there are some categories of friends. Here are five categories of friends that I have figured out.

The Second Sister

second sister

This type of friends is the ones who are considered to have wider social and an extension of family. She makes a group of well known friends around her. She likes parties and meetings may be in his own home and elsewhere. She likes those who socially act pretty as everyone does. She usually looks for a long conversation and involves deep knowledge of present as well as past. In these types of talk you feel free and expose much of secrets through which she can estimate you might become a cause of hurt. So, you would most likely enjoy her company. Good luck if you have this kind of person as your intimate friend.

The Activities Pal

The Activities Pal

Usually they have busy routine work. But taking part in a play or a concert or any other art show appeals them. Also she’d invite you to accompany her. So just try to keep calm and understand the second person to avoid unhappy event. You can talk on interesting topic like movies and gossip mostly people like to talk on it. It widens your relationship. Off course friendship is the name of compromise. So, compromise with these kind of friends and try your best to both end meet.

The Errant Boon Companion

You have this person in your friends circle from the age of 5 years or she could be your friend since your childhood. She could have struggling life like tensions about future her his old parents. She has big responsibilities on her young shoulder. Suppose, she left the city or country and you met her after a long time. You feels like that you have met recently even you are connecting after a long time. You can think that she is a good person to be a friend and you can help her in her difficulties. This will make your relation so strong.

The Styleminder

You know any person who likes to show off himself. Maybe this is one of them. He has taste according to latest fashion and has budget enough to buy every new dress and new shoes in the market. His company will figure you out in new style. You can read his mind and come to know that what is going inside him. He has habit to pass down to you the things he has tired and don’t refuse him.

Flexi Friends

You and he call each other or not never mind just keep it in mind that you and he are passenger of same bus. Don’t care what his opinion is and in what way he looks you. You both may have a wide group of friends, this is not your work to find disabilities and bad habits of other. Just focus who you are and what is your relation with other. Your foibles are of same level, you are lucky that you have a flexible way to make friend.

Do you have any other category of friends missing in this blog? Your suggestions are always welcome. You can also read some good predictions of future here

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